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TTFTrueType Font (file extension; Windows)
TTFThyroid Transcription Factor
TTFTimber Trade Federation
TTFTransportation Trust Fund
TTFTime-to-Treatment Failure (endpoint in clincial trials)
TTFTime to Failure
TTFTitle Transfer Facility (Dutch gas trading hub)
TTFTaiwan Textile Federation
TTFTime to Fly
TTFTrident Training Facility
TTFTowards the Future (gaming)
TTFTechnical Task Force
TTFTransition Task Force
TTFTime to Fire
TTFTerrorism Task Force
TTFTanker Task Force
TTFTechnical Trail Feature
TTFThe Tallini Family (micronation)
TTFTechnology Transfer Fund
TTFTrend-Type Forecast
TTFTiny Triplet Finder
TTFThe Tolkien Forum
TTFTuna Tracking Form (US Dept of Commerce)
TTFTime to Forget
TTFTurkiye Tenis Federasyonu (Turkish Tennis Federation)
TTFTerminal Transaction Facility (IBM)
TTFTactical Task Force
TTFTT Fijnmechanica (Japanese company)
TTFThat's Too Funny
TTFTechTalk Forums
TTFTurbine Test Facility
TTFTexas Tourism Foundation
TTFTransient Time Flowmeter
TTFTask Transmittal Form
TTFThai Toilet Foundation
TTFTemporary Test Facility
TTFThe Tequihua Foundation (volunteer corps; Riverside, CA; est. 2004)
TTFTexas Teaching Fellows
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The TTF model by Goodhue and Thompson (1995) suggests that users of technology would better understand and effectively use IT when there is a fit between the task characteristics and technology characteristics (Staples and Seddon, 2004).
At the same time, open interest and trading for ICE Endex TTF natural gas futures and ICE Futures Europe TTF natural gas futures were combined to create a greater liquidity pool and the largest on-exchange TTF futures contract.
La TTF risque d'affecter les operations de refinancement a court terme des banques, ce qui pourrait obliger la Banque centrale europeenne a leur venir en aide, a-t-il dit.
John White, chief executive of the TTF, said: "On behalf of the Timber Trade Federation I would like to congratulate Rixonway Kitchens.
TTF chief executive officer, John Lee, said, 'If we keep raising the cost of coming to Australia, we risk pricing ourselves out of the market.
With a global reputation backing TITAS, TTF invited many celebrated brands the first time, such as K-Swiss, an American sportswear brand, Norrona, a Norwegian brand of outdoor clothing and sports gear, Castelli, an American brand of specialized cycling wear, and Peak Performance, a Swedish brand of skiwear.
Users of the enhanced coverage will benefit from access to 11 new assessments for the Dutch TTF hub, including additional month-ahead, quarter-ahead and season-ahead prices.
Patients in the study received TTF Therapy for 12 hours a day in combination with pemetrexed (Alimta; Eli Lilly) until disease progression.
For your chance to win, simply answer this question: TTF stands for, The Time .
To assess the sludge dewatering ability, the TTF measuring method was used.
The TAM and TTF have been used over the decades to predicts and explain the user acceptance and utilization of information technology.
4 million was invested, TTF now covers the entire Central Technology Belt - the high-technology corridor running from Birmingham to Malvern.