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TTFFTime To First Fix (GPS)
TTFFTime to First Fix
TTFFTrinidad and Tobago Football Federation (Trinidad and Tobago)
TTFFThe Taylor Family Foundation (Livermore, CA)
TTFFTrinidad and Tobago Film Festival
TTFFTime Team Forum Friends (archaeology)
TTFFTime To First Failure
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Conforme mencionado anteriormente para o experimento foi analisado "o tempo RUT" e os indicadores utilizados foram NFAOI (numero de fixacoes sobre uma area de interesse), DFAOI (Duracao do olhar sobre uma area de interesse em milissegundos (m/s), TTFF (tempo ate a primeira fixacao de uma area especifica em m/s), e re-fixacoes (areas de interesse revistas mis de uma vez) (tabela 6).
(48) Warner, who had been involved in lower-level administration, was part of a small pool willing to manage the broadly insignificant TTFF. So, by the time he acceded to the head of the CFU and CONCACAF, he already had the support of the majority of the membership.
We assume a proportion of defective subpopulation, and estimate the CDF of TTFF for each MOP (Section 2).
And, as a direct positioning method, it is characterized by three major metrics: position error, time to first fix (TTFF) and complexity.
With that information, the MS can greatly reduce the code phase and frequency search window, reducing the TTFF to only a few seconds [22].
Last month Fifa froze funding to the TTFF until answers were provided - the federation said they could not track the money as it had been paid into an account solely controlled by Warner.
BCM47511 GNSS solution supports both GPS and GLONASS constellations for more accurate positioning and faster Time to First Fix (TTFF).
His dad says, ttff pj b ib "He is such a great wee boy.
Hot start TTFF is less than one second, and tracking sensitivity is -159dBm.
He said: "We need him to be around the team a lot more and therefore the TTFF have decided to seek his services for the entire period.
However, it is unlikely FIFA vice president and TTFF special advisor Jack Warner will take action considering the ramifications for the country's most celebrated player.
Now the arbitrator Ian Mill QC has ruled that the players are entitled to 50% of the cash the TTFF earned from sponsorship revenues and half the profits from six pre- World Cup friendlies.