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TTFNTa Ta For Now
TTFNThat's That for Now
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"John has had some TTFN t-shirts printed like in the old days, so members can wear them on the night.
Well TTFN simply meant 'Ta-ta for now' or, in Cardiffspeak, 'Tara fernow owkid'.
* TTFN - Ta Ta For Now, adopted by Jimmy Young to close his radio programme.
"ARISE Sir Jimmy Young, DJ, KBE, TTFN," I thought as I read the New Year's Honours List, although a man of his age probably cannot arise without assistance.
Just say "TTFN" (that's go away you Truly, Tragic, Failed, No-Mark)
(TTFN Dad, always in our hearts xx) WILSON DOROTHY MAY (DOT) February 21, 2015 Aged 93 Years Peacefully in Hospital.
Or for his mum, the ludicrously -named Loveday (Katie Ryder-Richardson), to say "tosh" and "TTFN".
TTFN matey.) Our deepest sympathy to Sandra and family.
Its catchphrases included: "Can I do you now, Sir?"; It's being so cheerful as keeps me going; TTFN (ta ta for now), After You Claud -- No after you, Cecil (adopted by RAF pilots on bombing missions over Germany); I don't mind if I do; This is Funf speaking (he was a German spy in the series).