TTFRTransponder Turnaround Frequency Ratio (US NASA)
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The purpose of the present study was to investigate the influence of an intraoperative tourniquet on the duration of LIA as determined by the TTFR of opioids.
We were unable to demonstrate an increased duration of analgesia in group T as determined by a difference in the TTFR, and under the conditions of the present study, we conclude that the presence or absence of a tourniquet does not affect the duration of LIA.
Since there was no difference in the TTFR, it appears that in group T, postoperative pain was more intense, requiring more opioids after the effect of LIA had worn off.
Conversion to CDMS as a trial endpoint is related to TTFR; for patients enrolled into a trial at the time of an incident demyelinating event (i.e., clinically isolated syndrome [CIS]), the first relapse corresponds to the second clinical attack, or confirmation of CDMS.