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Caption: Figure 1--Nine of the chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) -related proteins had transcript expression that predicted time-to-first treatment (TTFT) in CLL patients.
In our cohort, trisomy 12 failed to predict TTFT, and we thus did not consider it in further analyses.
Multivariate Cox models were constructed to identify independent prognostic factors for predicting TTFT using LDH levels, the Rai staging system, 11q−, 13q−, 17p−, and IGHV mutational status.
The 3-variable CLL-PI had good discriminatory power for TTFT in the cohort of 173 CLL patients.
Then, we assessed the prognostic impact of the IGHV /17p score and found that it could predict the TTFT for the Rai low-risk [Table 4] and [Figure 4]d and intermediate-risk [Table 4] and [Figure 4]e groups and had marginal significance in predicting the TTFT for the Rai high-risk group [Table 4] and [Figure 4]f.
Combining these markers in prognostic indices improves the accuracy of the TTFT or survival prediction.[sup][27],[28] Such prognostic models allow clinicians to apply the collective results of prognostic tests and to develop risk-adapted therapies.
13q− has been shown to be the most favorable prognosticator when compared with 11q−, 17p−, and trisomy 12,[sup][29] but in our cohort, 13q deletion was not associated with longer TTFT. Interestingly, it has been shown that CLL patients with a larger deletion of 13q have a shorter TTFT.[sup][30] Trisomy 12 has been connected with a good response to treatment; thus, no association has been found with TTFT.[sup][29] Further, the deletion of 11q is associated with younger age at diagnosis and an inferior outcome.[sup][5] According to our analyses, patients harboring 11q− received treatment earlier in the univariate analysis, but 11q− failed to predict treatment independently in multivariate analyses.
Second, this analysis incorporates both a traditional staging system and novel genetic abnormalities to identify markers independently associated with TTFT. Third, this analysis highlights the importance of understanding the real significance of several prognostic factors taken together.
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