TTGLTactical Training Group Atlantic
TTGLTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (anime)
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The BMD certification along with the associated exercise was made possible with the support of the NWDC's Mobile Technical Team which operates worldwide from TTGL, TTGP, TTGP Detachment Yokosuka, Japan, and NCTE Field Office Rota, and reach-back support from the Navy Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation located at NWDC in Norfolk, Virginia.
After that, there was a visit to Tactical Training Group, Atlantic (TTGL), a command at Dam Neck that prepares carrier and expeditionary strike groups for deployment.
Targeted at IT companies with a 1m or more words requirement, the service is the result of a joint product development and marketing initiative between TTGL and Applied Knowledge Systems International Ltd and utilises Applied Knowledge's Gedanken system.