TTIRThe Thirst Is Real
TTIRTime-Tension Integral Response (anesthesiology)
TTIRTri-Tec International Resources, LLC (staffing firm; Covina, CA)
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Overall two heat sources were modeled: (1) through transmission infrared (TTIr) scan laser welding using a point heat source, and (2) TTIr scan laser welding using a distributed heat source.
Kubota Research Associates (KRA), a U.S.-based research and development firm, has introduced an advanced method for through-transmission infrared (TTIR) welding of sensitive plastic parts.
KRA's technology, when used with associated wavelength transducers, is said to direct IR energy so precisely that higher-temperature resins like fluoropolymers and PEEK become amenable for the first time to TTIR welding.
Through-Transmission Infrared Welding (TTIR) - Filter Media
The party, led by Birgitta JAaAaAeA nsdAaAaAeA ttir who formerly worked with WikiLe is expected to partner with three left-wing parties - the Left-Green Movement, Bright Future, and Social Democratic Alliance - to form a coalition government.
If the coalition can find another partner to make a government, the dynamics may not allow JAaAaAeA nsdAaAaAeA ttir to become the country's next lea
The current leader of the Pirate Party, Birgitta JAaAaAeA nsdAaAaAeA ttir, wa activist who supported Fischer's relocation and was also a former collaborator with WikiLeaks.
With the difficulties of applying for asylum abroad, JAaAaAeA nsdAaAaAeA ttir made it clear that granting Snowden citizenship is her preferred option.
In the leaked documents, Iceland's then Prime Minister Sigmundur DavAaAaAeA [et Gunnlaugsson and his wife Anna Sigurlaug PAaAaAeA lsdAaAaAeA ttir were found to set up an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands, an international tax haven.
Our electoral success means the Icelandic people want change and trust the Pirates to lead by ethical example without corruption," OktavAaAaAeA a JAaAaAeA nsdAaAaAeA ttir, who is running for the seat of the South Constituency, told International Business Times.
Edited by Bjornar Olsen and P<'or>a Petursd ttir
The 47-year-old, who has no party affiliation, was followed by businesswoman Halla TAaAaAeA masdAaAaAeA ttir who garnered 29.9 percent votes.