TTKBTurnier Tanz Klub Bern (German: Dance Club Tournament Bern; Switzerland)
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siniflar) [Primary Education Music Lesson Curriculum (1-8 grades)], TTKB Ilkogretim muzik (1-8.
TQM practices have aimed to correctly understand and assess the recent changes and developments, to increase the quality of employees through continuous training so as to increase the quality of service provision for the satisfaction of the receivers of education services, to ensure full participation of the relevant people in problem solving and decision making for education management, to expand the use of data in decision making in order to introduce decision making through data both at a central and provincial level of the Turkish Ministry of National Education, and overall to integrate the TQM philosophy into the national education system in parallel with the circular on TQM practices (TTKB, 2000).
History, that is acknowledged to have an important factor in transferring the cultural heritage continues to be an integrated part of the social studies curriculum (TTKB, 2007).