TTMATruck Trailer Manufacturers Association
TTMATrinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association
TTMAToyotetsu Mid America (Owensboro, KY)
TTMATexas Talent Musicians Association (San Antonio, TX)
TTMATwin Tower Mounted Amplifier
TTMATennessee Tech Microcomputer Association
TTMATaste the Maximum (band)
TTMATT Marshals Association
TTMATravel & Tourism Marketing Association (Woodland Hills, CA)
TTMATo the Moon Alice (UK band)
TTMATerminal Traffic Management Advisor
TTMATalking to Myself Again
TTMATT Marshals Association Ltd
TTMATrinidad & Tobago Medical Association
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Founded in 1956 to improve the tea trade operations, TTMA gradually united about 100 members, most of them family companies who endeavour to cooperate in order to promote tea consumption in Malaysia, which had an average annual per capita consumption of around 0.80 kg of tea in 2016.
Schuler said the changes under the TTMA give municipalities the freedom to set speed limits on their roads rather than having to go through the Highway Traffic Board.
"Our concern remains over the implementation date of those rules, which are still scheduled to begin just a few short months away," said TTMA officials.
TTMA RP 38-07, 2007, Method of Testing and Rating Heat Transmission of Controlled Temperature Vehicle/Domestic Containers.
We need all stakeholders (government and non-government) on board to work toward resolving this very serious problem in order to move forward with our nation's developmental goals," the TTMA said;
The honour is awarded to plants that attain the best safety record over the year, and was bestowed on the company at the TTMA Annual Convention in La Quinta, California in the 'C' category of plants of 300,000 man-hours and below.
Trans, trans-muconic acid (ttMA) and S-phenylmercapturic acid (S-PMA) are minor metabolites of benzene that are excreted in urine and have been demonstrated to be suitable biomarkers for benzene exposure <1ppm (Boogard and Van Sittert, 1995; Pezzagno et al., 1999).
"We think the possibilities are vast," said Natasha Mustapha, the TTMA's chief executive officer.
Citing plans by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to develop and implement a National Manufacturing Sector Policy and Expansion Plan and a new Trade Policy at the TTMAs Presidents Dinner and Excellence in Manufacturing Awards on October 9, 2018, the Minister applauded the memberships efforts to increase extra regional export levels.
La bienvenida al publico y a los artistas presentes la dio el presidente del (TTMA) Texas Talent Musicians Association, Robert C.
The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) which has been voicing concern about members inability to access sufficient foreign exchange, refused to comment.
Nicholas Lok Jack from the TTMA said since injections last month from the Bank to alleviate trade tightness, TTMA members have seen a better disbursement of funds, and expect it to be up to 100 per cent in the coming weeks.