TTMPTransit Time Magnetic Pumping
TTMPTCP Transaction Multiplexing Protocol (Hughes Electronics Corporation)
TTMPTactical Targets Materials Program
TTMPTreeTops McPhoenix (musician)
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As mentioned before in TTOP, Y has no role in the sampling of the students, but depending on the values of Y different subsets of the item pool are administered and in TTMP Y has both a role in the sampling of the students and in the assignment of items to students.
In the TTMP situation the background variable is used as a stratification variable: from every subpopulation l,l = 1,..., L, we have a random sample from gy (0) with [n.sub.l] the number of observations in subpopulation l and [[SIGMA].sup.L.sub.l=1][n.sub.l] = n the total sample size.
It is noted that in the TTMP situation we do not ignore the design variable in the analyses but explicitly condition on it.
If we do not use the background information in the TTMP case this will not lead to correct inferences on the parameters.