TTNTTactical Targeting Network Technology (USAF)
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CTP will be implemented over several operational flight program software builds to leverage the TTNT and digital targeting processor to rapidly exchange strike fighter sensor information.
TTNT is a high speed, dynamic ad-hoc network designed to assist the US military in creating a rapid retargeting capability that will be critical across vital military operations.
For DARPA and the AFRL, TTNT is the solution to this problem.
The 2-year-old Tactical Targeting Network Technologies (TTNT) program links tactical jet fighters' sophisticated sensors and avionics with real-time, digital communications, explained Peter Highnam, a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency employee who works in the agency's information exploitation office.
Due to the problems associated with Link 16, the US Air Force is pursuing its next generation datalink requirements through the TTNT programme.
The US Air Force recently performed a demonstration of the Rockwell Collins Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT) at Nellis Air Force Base.