TTOETouch Tone Order Entry
TTOETransportation Theater Opening Element (US Army)
TTOETentative Table of Organization & Equipment
TTOETools for the Theory of Everything
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A TTOE is also a command, not a staff section of the TSC or ESC.
In order to maximize the capability to rapidly deploy in the early stages of a pending conflict, each geographic combatant command (GCC) should have a TMCE with TTOE and ERT elements aligned with the Reserve component mission support command in the Army service component command.
The current Army force structure has six TTOEs and five ERTs, all of which are in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve.
During the exercise, two TTOEs and an ERT were deployed and positioned at critical movement control nodes, such as the ROK TRANSCOM, ports, and the multiple headquarters where movement requirements were generated.
A possible solution is to employ the underutilized TTOE to serve as a transportation brigade-level command during contingency operations deployments.