TTOTTokyo Tech Office Thailand (Tokyo Institute of Technology; Japan)
TTOTTranstracheal Oxygen Therapy
TTOTThe Truth is Out There
TTOTTurbocharger Turbine Outlet Temperature
TTOTTotal Time-Off Target (optics)
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TTOT also processes and distributes sports medicine tendons, birth tissue allografts, and dermal allografts.
According to company leadership, Globus plans to maintain and grow TTOT's operations in Texas and maintain existing relationships with its distribution partners.
Para analise do TTOT e TTF foi realizada avaliacao videofluoroscopica da degluticao, com aplicacao de protocolo de baixo risco, que preconiza a utilizacao da consistencia pastosa fina em volume de 5 ml, por 3 ofertas consecutivas e com o individuo em seu melhor estado de alerta [5].
O tempo de transito oral total (TTOT) foi definido como o intervalo, em milissegundos, entre o primeiro quadro mostrando o alimento dentro da cavidade oral ate o primeiro frame mostrando a parte proximal (cabeca) do bolo alimentar na hipofaringe ou quando a cabeca do bolo alimentar faz angulo com o ramo da mandibula.
While the vast majority of these patients have been in the COPD group, an increasing number of patients with severe ILD are being placed on TTOT both for the immediate benefits, and perhaps to keep the patient alive long enough for lung transplantation.
A TTOT "stash" is a good thing to have just in case a TTO patient is admitted to the hospital.
The transitory component of the terms of trade (TTOT) measures the temporary shocks and is the filtered series obtained from the use of the HP filter.
Aircraft turnarounds and the pre-departure sequencing processes are the primary focus of the programme with the delivery of more accurate Target Take-off Times (TTOTs) the ultimate goal.