TTQTime to Quality
TTQThe Techno Queen
TTQThe Trigger Quintet (band)
TTQTable Tennis Queensland (Australia)
TTQTotal Traded Quantity (stocks)
TTQTo the Queen (toast)
TTQTrying to Quit
TTQTask Team on Quality
TTQTryptophan Tryptophyl quinone
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The explanatory variables include the sum of the number of trades (LOAD), quotes, cancellations, and revisions, the average trade size (ATS), the relative spreads (RSPRD), the volatility (VAR), the market capitalization (MV), the market-to-book ratio (MTBV), the cancellations-to-quotes ratio (CTQ), the trades-to-quote ratio (TTQ), the number of quotes (NQ), and the net order imbalance (OIM = the bid order volume--the ask order volume, averaged at a one minute frequency).
The TTQ impacts the rail transport system directly, but it is difficult to compare the work skills of TMs.
This paper introduces a TTQ evaluation method where the infrastructure features and traffic flows are no longer relevant.
Thus, the TTQ, which indicates the TM's work skill, can be reflected through the adjustments of train paths.
When we view a timetable that includes train paths which have different features such as stop patterns and speed, we can say that the TTQ is good if most stops of a train are necessary and balanced.
Thus, once we manage to find a way to obtain the efficiency of the units, we can analyze the TTQ objectively.
Audi AG, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), is planning to name its new TT crossover the TTQ rather the Q4.
The automaker is naming its crossover TTQ because the Q4 name is currently being used by Maserati.
The new TTQ is likely to share similar dimensions to the Q3, when it is launched in 2017.
Audi AG, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has reportedly confirmed that it is to produce a TTQ crossover.