TTRSTouch-Type Read and Spell (computer course; UK and Ireland)
TTRSTall Timbers Research Station (est. 1958; Tallahassee, FL)
TTRSTotal Town Replacement Set (gaming)
TTRSTime to Restore Service (reliability)
TTRSTelerate Trading Room System (stocks)
TTRSTechnologically and Topologically Related Surfaces
TTRSThermoelectric Thermal Reference Sources
TTRSTactical Traffic Reporting System
TTRSTransportable Transmitter Receiver Shelter
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They showed that UTS was improved by 6.5 times and the joint elongation by 407% in comparison with reference joints without TTRs [81].
Warfarin's optimal management presents a challenge to physicians because of its narrow therapeutic index, variable dose response, multi-factorial interactions and the need for adequate monitoring.1 To deal with this challenge, Western countries have devised strategies and recommendations such as dedicated anti-coagulation clinics, patient self-monitoring, computer programmes and using NOACs.2 Monitoring of patients on warfarin is usually done by international normalized ratio (INR) of prothrombin time (PT) and the quality of anti-coagulation assessed by a linearly interpolated percent time in therapeutic range (TTR) as an intermediate outcome.3
The primary and most frequently cited method was developed from the TTRS model.
The modeling approach described in the section on Moving Boundary Models has been used to model and validate a number of different VCSs (6) including this example TTRS. Figure 8 shows evaporator refrigerant pressure and evaporator air outlet temperature varying as the compressor starts and stops and as the thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) opens and closes (13).
We provide additional analysis in terms of time-to-rendezvous (TTR) and the mean occurrence of rendezvous on a channel within a hopping sequence/period.
In response to IFNs, TTR engagement, or IL-4/IL-13 signaling, macrophages undergo Ml (classical) or M2 (alternative) activation, which represent extremes of a continuum in a universe of activation states.
A Memorandum of Understanding was subsequently signed between the High Commission of India and the Thiruketheeswaram Temple Restoration Society (TTRS) laying down the modalities for the restoration work which is worth LKR 326 million to be undertaken under the grant assistance programme of the Government of India.
Patients who performed frequent self-testing--meaning more than 80% of their self-testing was done on a weekly basis--had a mean time spent in the therapeutic INR range (TTR) of 74%.
Rational method for 3D manufacturing tolerancing synthesis based on the TTRS approach "R3DMTSyn", Computers in Industry, Vol.
Tourism was up 16.4% year-on-year [includes overnight-stay and same-day visitors] and the restaurant sub-sector was the largest in the Tourism and Travel Related Services (TTRS).
Templin (1957), o criador da medida, examinou TTRs calculadas em amostras de 50 enunciados de 480 criancas entre 3 e 8 anos de idade.