TTRSTouch-Type Read and Spell (computer course; UK and Ireland)
TTRSTall Timbers Research Station (est. 1958; Tallahassee, FL)
TTRSTotal Town Replacement Set (gaming)
TTRSTime to Restore Service (reliability)
TTRSTelerate Trading Room System (stocks)
TTRSTechnologically and Topologically Related Surfaces
TTRSThermoelectric Thermal Reference Sources
TTRSTactical Traffic Reporting System
TTRSTransportable Transmitter Receiver Shelter
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The primary and most frequently cited method was developed from the TTRS model.
Rational method for 3D manufacturing tolerancing synthesis based on the TTRS approach "R3DMTSyn", Computers in Industry, Vol.
The vegetational communities of TTRS include loblolly pine-dominated uplands and a beech-magnolia forest located on a sandy floodplain.
TTRS worked closely with Flake to do what had to be done to keep regular payments current.
Senarath Dissnayake, Director General, Department of Archaeology, Government of Sri Lanka, Director, Department of Hindu Affairs, Government of Sri Lanka, Trustees of TTRS and other office bearers.
Although there has been plenty of press about the status of negotiations between property manager John Flake and TTRS, the latest word is that TTRS is nothing but pleased with Flake's handling of the property.