TTSBTheater Tactical Signal Brigade (US Army)
TTSBTake That Spina Bifida
TTSBTraining Task Selection Board
TTSBTime-Triggered Sensor Bus (computer network protocol)
TTSBTatchi Trading Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
TTSBTwo-Tier Stationary Bench (greenhouse bench)
TTSBTactical Theater Signal Battalion (US Army)
TTSBTongwynlais Temperance Silver Band (brass orchestra)
TTSBTenaga Tiub Sdn. Bhd. (Malay: Energy Tubes Sdn. Bhd.)
TTSBTepat Teknik Sdn. Bhd. (Malay: Accurate Engineering Co., Ltd.)
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The 35th TTSB Soldiers explained their communication capabilities, and how as Signal Soldiers within an Expeditionary Brigade are always ready to deploy world-class communications anytime and anywhere.
The Corps G6 and the TTSB commander have different but complementing missions; both are important and neither can fail.
The TTSB commander focuses on training, personnel, and equipment readiness of the ESBs' modular Joint Network Transport Capability teams.
The G6 directs the TTSB to provide communications support across the corps battle space from the BCT level and below to division or corps separate units.
During OIF 07-09, the 11th TTSB and the 18th Airborne Corps worked very closely to execute missions in the CNOSC; each organization contributing its strengths.
"Once you take the accountability piece out of the hands of signal officers who work for the corps commander, NetOps becomes disjointed and ineffective." The CNOSC with its TTSB engineering section and the corps G6 operations section bring the experience and depth to provide a CNOSC capable of directing the entire corps network.
A TTSB is designed to battle command multiple ESBs and complete these personnel, logistics, and operational readiness related missions; the corps G6 is not.
One additional skill set that the TTSB brings to the corps fight is specialized signal training.
The transformation into an TTSB is continuing, with Soldiers learning new military jobs and units gaining and losing positions, according to Sheatler.
"The TTSBs are the critical enablers for our planned conversion to the Theater Network Command," said Smith.