TTSETrinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange
TTSETokai Tokyo Securities Europe (various locations)
TTSETabular Taylor Series Expansion Method (research; International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam)
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The in situ PP/PBT MFCs were fabricated through a TTSE with three inverted triangle arrayed screws each having a diameter of 35 mm and a barrel length of 980 mm (L/D = 28).
Therefore, the formation of fibrils was attributed to an intense alternating shearing and extensional flow field in the TTSE.
In non-melt compounding, the mechanism of PBT fibril in situ formation could be described as the deformation and coalescence of individual particles based on the alternating shearing and extensional flow field in TTSE.
It followed the JSE (in February 1969) and the TTSE (in October 1981).
The growth of the other two exchanges was not quite as spectacular, with the number of firms on the TTSE rising from 36 in 1984 to 39 in 2008, while those on the JSE totalled 39 in 2008, slightly down from 40 in 1986.
Despite the faster growth of the BSE in terms of the number of companies and the market capitalisation ratio, Table 1 and Figure 1 show that on average the indices and market-capitalization ratios of the JSE and the TTSE grew at quicker annual rates, than those of the BSE.
The TTSE used in this study was self-designed with a screw diameter of 35.2 mm and a length-diameter ratio (L/D) of 28.
The processing conditions of TTSE and TSE are listed in Table 1.
Contrasting views related to PA66/PPO blends with different PPO contents extruded by TTSE and TSE are shown in Figs.
Numerous literatures show that the simulation results of TTSE are not in high consistence with experiments at present.
In case of TTSE, many factors would affect the extrusion of polymer melts.
The modeling is based on the TTSE for the experiment, with a lead of the screw element and kneading disc of 36 mm, a screw diameter of 35.2 mm, a screw root diameter of 28 mm, a barrel diameter of 35.6 mm, a screw center distance of 32 mm, a flight clearance of 0.4 mm, and a barrel-screw clearance of 0.2 mm.