TTSETrinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange
TTSETokai Tokyo Securities Europe (various locations)
TTSETabular Taylor Series Expansion Method (research; International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam)
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5), the viscosity ratio of PA66/PPO blends was found to be higher than 4 at the shear rates of 100/s during extrusion, indicating that the reduction in particle size in PA66/PPO blends was largely caused by the extensional effect in TTSE.
Table 2 lists the mechanical properties, volume average particle diameters, and PSD index U of PA66/PPO blends extruded by TTSE and TSE.
The notched impact strengths of PA66/ PPO/PPO-g-MA blends extruded by TTSE and TSE are shown in Fig.
The tensile strengths and flexural strengths of PA66/PPO/ PPO-g-MA blends extruded by TTSE and TSE are shown in Figs.
This phenomenon was attributed to the finer morphology and stronger interfacial adhesion of blends extruded by TTSE than those of blends extruded by TSE.
OCM One Caribbean Media RBTT RBTT Financial Holdings Limited SFC Sagicor Financial Corporation TCL Trinidad Cement Limited Date First Appearing in Sample Code BSE JSE TTSE BST 01-Jan-98 Not listed 03-May-05 CCMB Not listed 26-May-03 21-Mar-07 DBG Not listed 01-Jan-98 02-Jan-07 FCIB 01-Jan-98 01-Jan-98 03-May-05 GHL Not listed 20-Sep-00 03-May-05 GKC 05-Oct-99 01-Jan-98 03-May-05 JMMB 29-Nov-05 02-Mar-03 03-May-05 NCBJ Not listed 01-Jan-98 03-May-05 NML 14-Dec-99 Not listed 01-Jan-98 OCM 24-Nov-06 Not listed 03-May-05 RBTT Not listed 28-Nov-01 02-Jul-07 SFC 04-Feb-03 Not listed 03-May-05 TCL 10-Nov-98 08-May-99 01-Jan-98
2) The proportions of cross-listed securities on the BSE, the TTSE and the JSE are 33%, 40% and 26%, respectively.
The 3D flow field of TTSE was simulated in 13 process conditions.
A triangle-arranged TTSE connected with a melt pump system was self-made.
Noticeably, a melt pump between the extruder head and TTSE was used to keep [p.
After the TTSE was operating normally, 3 g of CaC'03 as a tracer was added into the feed inlet.
The axial pressure difference and RTD of TTSE were measured by numerical simulation and experiments at different inlet flow rates, screw speeds and screw configurations.