TTSPThis Too Shall Pass
TTSPTime Temperature Superposition Principle
TTSPTalmud Torah of St. Paul (Jewish educational center; St. Paul, MN)
TTSPTransition Training Squadron, Pacific (US Navy)
TTSPTraining Test Support Packages
TTSPThreat Test Support Packages
TTSPTrinitron TV Synchro Play (Sony)
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From experimental data, the TTSP is considered valid at a first approximation (some discrepancies appear at very low frequencies and for high temperatures, for PMA).
The TTSP can be therefore used to determine the dissipated energy evolution with temperature at any vehicle speed for a fixed pavement structure.
From the curve of fuel consumption excess at 100 km/h, dissipated energy is calculated using the TTSP for three vehicle speeds: 1 km/h, 50 km/h and 130 km/h (Fig.
La enfermedad no metastasica incluye el tumor trofoblastico del sitio de la placenta (TTSP) el cual es una variante poco comun pero importante de la NTGM, que consiste en trofoblasto intermedio predominantemente y un poco de elementos sincitiales.
The solution presented in Figure 1 a shows that the six first-order factors conveniently divide into three groups--"level" factors (TK/[G.sub.v] and [G.sub.f]), "speed" factors (TTSp and ECSp), and "mixture" factors (DsB & DsF).
The "speed" constructs (TTSp and ECSp) are next in order of magnitude, with DsB and DsF factors having the lowest loadings.
Since the temperature higher than its service condition will be used for the accelerated aging using TTSP, its application may be limited by the narrow difference between the service temperature and polymer's [T.sub.g] in certain application.
The master bands established by TTSP under these two loading cases are shown in Figs.
The measured creep data of various composite systems were modeled, and long-term creep behaviors of the composites were predicted using the TTSP. The results will benefit manufacturers choosing suitable bio-based raw materials.
The TTSP was applied to these composites and master curves were obtained.
Time-temperature-stress superposition principles (TTSSP) similar to TTSP were used to form a master curve.