TTSSTinker Tailor Soldier Spy (film)
TTSSType III Secretion System (immunology)
TTSSTaxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (Australia)
TTSSTheories for Tool Support in Software (International Workshop)
TTSSHarnessing Theories for Tool Support in Software (workshop)
TTSSTravel Technology Systems & Services (Malaga, Spain)
TTSSTactical Training Stimulator-Simulator
TTSSTerminal Transaction Security System (New York State)
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In this section, we will briefly define TTSS. The definition is presented in continuous time because of the simplicity of the formulation and its easy extension to discrete time.
We looked at the correlation between gene expression levels (as assessed by RNA-seq) of each gene and the abundance of the TTSa-RNAs arising from TTSs of the same gene in HeLaS3 cells for both AGO1 ([R.sup.2]<0.1) and AGO2 ([R.sup.2]<0.1, n = 2).
Although spectators of various sports have been evaluated for noise exposure and TTSs, sports officials have not been assessed, possibly to the detriment of their hearing.
The phytopathogenic Pseudomonas syringae strains harbour a TTSS involved in the delivery of effector proteins into plant cells.
INTENSITY [5]) for the dependent variables steady state V[O.sub.2], phase II [tau], V[O.sub.2] increment magnitude, time delay and TTSS. If a significant interaction effect occurred, the main ANOVA was followed by simple effects analysis, followed again if significant by specific mean contrasts.
Correlacao entre o pH e os teores disponiveis dos substratos P, K, Ca, Mg, condutividade eletrica (CE) e teor total de sais soluveis (TTSS) nos diferentes substratos pH P K Ca ph 1,00 ** P 0,28 (ns) 1,00 ** K 0,77 ** 0,28 (ns) 1,00 ** Ca -0,47 * 0,49 * -0,30 (ns) 1,00 ** Mg 0,16 (ns) 0,57 (ns) 0,07 (ns) 0,30 (ns) CE -0,27 (ns) 0,51 ** -0,00 (ns) 0,62 ** TTSS -0,39 * 0,43 * -0,19 (ns) 0,67 ** Mg CE TTSS ph P K Ca Mg 1,00 ** CE 0,33 (ns) 1,00 ** TTSS 0,32 (ns) 0,76 ** 1,00 ** ** e * Significativo a nivel de 0,01 e 0,05 de probabilidade; (ns) Nao significativo (p > 0,05) Tabela 4.
Shigellae species, like many gram-negative bacteria, rely on a TTSS as an essential virulence component which is present at a density of 50 to 100 per bacterial cell and resembles a molecular needle and syringe.
In non-CT-producing NAGs, other virulence factors such as heat-stable enterotoxin (Stn), hemolysin (HlyA), repeat in toxin (RTX), and type 3 secretion systems (TTSS) have major roles in causing infections (7).
Ambos materiais (turfa vermelha e areia) foram caracterizados quimica (pH, % carbono organico (CO), teor total de sais soluveis (TTSS), macro e micronutrientes) e fisicamente (densidade seca (DS), densidade umida (DU), porosidade total (PT), espaco de aeracao (EA), agua facilmente disponivel (AFD), agua disponivel (AD), agua tamponante (AT), agua remanescente a pressao de succao de 100hPa (AR100) (Tabela 1).