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The TTTD of cottonseed oil was calculated using the regression method.
The REG procedure of SAS was used to estimate the Y-intercept of the regression line for determining endogenous loss of AEE, and the slope was used to determine the TTTD for AEE for cottonseed oil.
The value of TTTD of cottonseed oil that calculated according to the slope of regression equation was 92.40%.
The endogenous losses of acid-hydrolyzed ether extract and true total tract digestibility for cottonseed oil (1) EL of AEE (g/kg DM) Items Regression equations (2) [R.sup.2] Estimate SEM p-value (3) AEE y = 0.924x - 13.83 0.99 13.83 1.49 <0.01 TTTD (%) Items Estimate SEM p-value (4) AEE 92.4 0.02 <0.01 SEM, standard error of the mean; EL, endogenous losses; AEE, acid- hydrolyzed ether extract; TTTD, true total tract digestibility; DM, dry matter; DMI, DM intake.
The TTTD of P or N in SBM was determined by regressing [P.sub.D] against [P.sub.I] for diets with or without casein supplementation using the following model:
where TTTD (%) is the slope of the regression; and EPL (mg/d) is the negative intercept of the regression.
The differences in TTTD of P or N and EPL between pigs fed diets with or without casein supplementation were compared according to the pooled t-test (Zhai and Adeola, 2013).
This allowed for the estimates of EPL and TTTD of P associated with SBM for growing pigs by the regression method.
The TTTD of AEE in SO, calculated from the slope of the regression equation, was significantly greater (p<0.001) than that for PO (97.5% and 91.1%, respectively).
The greater ATTD and TTTD of AEE derived from the regression equation in SO compared with PO that was observed in the current study is in agreement with previous studies (Powles et al., 1993; Jorgensen et al., 2000).
The DE content, TTTD, and ATTD of AEE in lipids can be affected by lipid sources.
Availability and digestibility of calcium Sources Relative ATTD (1) (%) TTTD (1) (%) bioavailability (%) Aragonite 93.0-102 (2) -- -- Gypsum 99.02 -- -- Limestone 99.02 -- -- Dolomitic 51.0-78 (2) -- -- limestone Marble dust 98.0 (2) -- -- Oyster shells, 98.0 (2) -- -- ground Ground corn -- 49.6 (3) -- Soybean meal -- 46.7 (3) -- Canola meal -- 33.7-43 (4) 46.6 (4) Calcium carbonate -- 60.9-70 (5) -- Meat and bone meal -- 53.0-81 (6) -- (1) ATTD = Apparent total tract digestibility; TTTD = True total tract digestibility.