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The aim of our study was to examine only selective intercostal spaces--10 locations (modified TTUS) (10)--and to compare the results of this scoring system with the HRCT findings according to the Warrick score.
The TTU, housed within the ICE National Targeting Center, continues to provide critical exchange of trade data with numerous countries.
The TTU can be had in one of five different setups: single stage, two stage, 3 Gun, military/law enforcement and Paul Howe.
TTUs are excellent at detecting blatant documentary fraud and monitoring other reporting discrepancies between two cooperating customs authorities, but are not sufficient to detect documentary anomalies on all sides of the transaction.
TTUs are indeed likely to help in the tracking of everything from textiles to diamonds to gold.
Trade Transparency Units (TTUs) are designed to help identify significant disparities in import and export trade documentation and identify anomalies related to cross-border trade that are indicative of international trade-based money laundering (TBML).
With State Department funding, ICE implements a series of Trade Transparency Units (TTUs) in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Mexico, which generate, initiate, and support investigations and prosecutions related to trade-based money laundering, the illegal movement of criminal proceeds across international borders, alternative remittance systems, and other financial crimes, including the financing of terrorism.
The State Department, in conjunction with DHS' Homeland Security Investigations and the Department of Treasury, has supported the establishment and development of eight trade transparency units (TTUs) in the Americas.
TTU-Trade Transparency Unit: TTUs examine trade between countries by comparing, for example, the export records from Country A and the corresponding import records from Country B.
In 2013, HSI updated the technical capabilities of existing TTUs