TTVSText-to-Visual Speech (human-computer interface)
TTVSTanzsport-Trainer-Vereinigung Schweiz
TTVSTrans Tasman Vehicle Standard (Australia)
TTVSTransfusion-Transmitted Viruses Study
TTVSTactical Terrain Visualization System
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And the nice part about the ABCs and the TTVs is that we don't have to compete against the big boys who have the big wallets."
PCR with primers deduced from noncoding region (UTR) can detect TTV DNA of different genotypes (Okamoto et al., 1999c).
TTV isolates present highly divergent sequences, classified into 39 genotypes inserted into five major groups (1-5) (Peng et al., 2002; Devalle & Niel, 2004).
Chimpanzees are susceptible to TTV infection (Mushahwar et al.) and one study of experimental transmission in these species showed that the animals can be cross infected by human species (Okamoto et al., 2000a,b).
To better understand the relationship between TTV and their hosts, we conducted a study to detect and characterize virus in Brazilian monkeys and domestic chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus).
reported one study that all TTV isolates obtained from simians (s-TTV) (old world non-human primates) were clearly distinct from TTV found in humans.
The results of our research showed that the sequence of DNA TTV obtained of the Cebus apella (Ca-TTV17) were close to human TTV of the genotype1.
however, reported that TTV sequences from pigmy chimpanzees are closely related to viruses from human genotypes 2 and 3, while that sequences obtained from common chimpanzees were genotypes 5 and 6, the latter only at the protein level.
The phylogenetic analyses of the ORF1 nucleotide consensus sequences suggested that TTV recovered from two chimpanzees (CH1304 and CH 1545) represented two new genotypes (Romeo et al.).
The amino acid sequences inferred from the coding segment of the amplicon of SAV in this study and the corresponding sequences of the 10 SAV in GenBank at the time of this writing were then aligned with representative TTV and TTMV sequences (online Appendix Figure 1, available from 2no07/06-0234-G1.htm).
Because the clinical and viral parameters of hepatitis C in SAV-positive patients were not significantly different from those in the SAV-negative patients (data not shown), our results suggest that, similar to TTV (7), SAV has little or no effect on the course of hepatitis C.
TTV, a new human virus with single stranded circular DNA genome.