TTWSToad The Wet Sprocket
TTWSTravelling the World Solo
TTWSTerrorist Threat Warning System (US DHS)
TTWSTow Team Warning System
TTWSThe Trouble With Sweeney (band)
TTWSTalking to William Shakespeare
TTWSThe Trial Web Shift
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'TTWs helped with our adaptation', said Staff Nurse Tony Hermoso.
'The implementation of the TTWs was of great value to the international nurses.
In May 2006 all past TTW participants were sent an evaluation questionnaire to audit the effect, value and impact on practice of the workshops.
The UHCW TTW programme provides a forum to introduce these new advances and impart appropriate training with the aim of removing the 'see one do one' scenario.
The TTW programme at UHCW NHS Trust was launched on 1 April 2004.
Since the inception of the TTW programme in April 2004, 73 participants had attended.
* In most cases the content of the TTW's was relevant to the participants' practice.
* One participant in the comments section stated that the TTW had reinforced theoretical knowledge, especially in record-keeping, and provided an opportunity to think more about personal standards.
* Most participants reported that they would recommend the TTW to others.
* The results revealed that a large percentage felt an advanced TTW programme was an excellent idea.
'I have just recently completed a TTW course and would like everyone to know just how good it was.
From a facilitator's point of view, it has been evident from observing how the participants have developed and increased in confidence during the TTW programme and from the results of the evaluation audit, that there are great benefits to providing the workshops.