TTWWTennessee Tombigbee Waterway
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The mean embryo mass of the WWWW and TTWW stocks were as much as 50% larger than the that of the TTTT stock.
The smaller range in the experimental stocks in this period was caused by a decrease in the mean offspring size of the stocks that had the largest offspring in September (the WWWW and TTWW stoks); offspring sizes of WWWW and TTWW stocks declined by 22% and 26% (between September and May-August) respectively.
Although brood sizes did not differ significantly among stocks, those with the largest offspring (WWWW, TTWW) had the fewest embryos per brood, while those with the smallest offspring (e.g., TTTT) had the largest brood sizes, suggesting a trade-off in offspring size and number (compare Figs.