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TTXTetrodotoxin (poison from the Puffer Fish)
TTXTrue Type Xml
TTXTable Top Exercise
TTXTinyOS Technology Exchange (yearly)
TTXTrueType to XML (Extensible Markup Language; software)
TTXTube Type Transmitter
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Data courtesy of IANA and TTX from materials presented in registered forum August 2019.
The exercise is organized within the framework of the Seventh Expert Meeting on Counterterrorism organized by the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek, in co-operation with the Action against Terrorism Unit of the OSCE's Transnational Threats Department The TTX is being held in the format of interactive discussions around a fictional scenario developed by the Action against Terrorism Unit that serves as a realistic and strategic-level case study based on real-world events and emerging online terrorism-related threats relevant to Central Asia.
"The TTX not only challenged the understanding of the complexity of threats emanating from cyberspace but also the shared commitment in ensuring the collective cyber security of the community.
Owned by North America's leading railroads, TTX's free-running pools provide fungible assets that minimize total empty miles, further lowering costs and minimizing risk for the industry, helping the railroads conserve their capital for other critical infrastructure needs.
Accumulation of tetrodotoxin (TTX) in Pseudocaligus fugu, a parasitic copepod from panther puffer Takifugu pardalis but without vertical transmission--using an immunoenzymatic technique.
First, the TTX underscored the importance of Foundry training in advance of potential conflicts.
While newts from the western US possess the highest concentrations of TTX, the Eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) also possesses this potent toxin [9].
Inclusion criteria were (1) initial operation and (2) total thyroidectomy (TTx), and exclusion criteria were (1) reoperation, (2) incomplete data, (3) lobectomy and near TTx, (4) any disease that would affect the level of calcium and magnesium (like kidney disease), and (5) patients with preoperative hyper/hypocalcemia.
T (tx) = tTx, for any t [member of](0,1), x [member of] P; (5)
There are two general classes of sodium currents in small-sized TG neurons: one is blocked by TTX (TTX-sensitive or TTX-s [I.sub.Na]), and the other is insensitive to TTX (TTX-resistant or TTX-r [I.sub.Na]) [17].