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TTXTetrodotoxin (poison from the Puffer Fish)
TTXTrue Type Xml
TTXTable Top Exercise
TTXTinyOS Technology Exchange (yearly)
TTXTrueType to XML (Extensible Markup Language; software)
TTXTube Type Transmitter
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Another result of the STT TTX was that the MIB-Ts clearly defined and captured intelligence requirements and identified additional previously unknown requirements.
According to the quantum theory of vesicular release, mIPSCs are recorded in the presence of TTX and are assumed to represent the spontaneous release of individual vesicles or quanta of neurotransmitter from the presynaptic membrane.
Given that the sodium current is a major component of sEPSCs, the inhibited effects of ketamine on sEPSCs were invalid when the sodium current channels were blocked by TTX.
net that the leftover fish meal tested positive with TTX.
Populations of thamnophine snakes that are sympatric with newts have evolved varying levels of resistance to TTX via as little as 1 amino acid change in the pore region of the voltage-gated sodium channel (Geffeney and others 2002, 2005; Feldman and others 2009, 2012).
current remaining in the presence of TTX was designated TTX-resistant (TTX-R).
The sequence to engage is tag, track, shoot, called TTX (Tag, Track, Xact) by the company.
The new McCormick five-model X70 series spans 150hp to 232hp with power boost, replaces XTX and TTX line-up with engine upgrades delivering more power and torque, yet also better fuel economy with SCR emissions treatment.
Table 1 Exim pies of critical functions of molecules of keystone significance Ecological Function DMS STX TTX PAs (P) 1[degrees] Defense/Deterrent X X X X 2[degrees] Defense/Deterrent X X X X Feeding Attractant X X X X Mate/Gamete Attractant X X X Predator Avoidance Cue X Predator Venom X Navigation Cue X X X Ecological Function References 1[degrees] Defense/Deterrent Mattocks, 1968; Fiedler, 1982; Wolfe et al.
The UAE Regional Pandemic TTX was based on an outbreak of influenza-like illness that initially presented in a rural village in Thailand.
We'll also have other tractors representing the full range of McCormick machines - from the C-Max to the big six-cylinder TTX.