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TTYLTalk To You Later (chat)
TTYLTalk to You Louder
TTYLType To You Later (chat)
TTYLTime to Yell Loud
TTYLTake That You Loser
TTYLText to You Later
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(20 May 2003) 'Click by click, teens polish writing: Instant messaging teaches more than ttyl and rofl.' Washington Post, B01.
Abbreviation Definition ?4U Question for You BRB Be Right Back F2F Face to Face GW Good Work IC I See IDK I Don't Know K OK NRN No Reply Necessary OTP On the Phone PCM Please Call Me PLZ Please TTYL Talk to You Later
Examples of Chat and E-mail Vocabulary, Symbols, and Emoticons Vocabulary Meaning 2U2 To you, too AFK Away from keyboard CYAL8R See you later F2F Face to face FOAF Friend of a friend IYKWIM If you know what I mean L8R Later LOL Laughing out loud M or F Male or female, or person who asks that question POS Parent over shoulder OLL Online love TTYL Talk to you later WU?
TTYL, an Oslo-based provider of outsourced messaging systems for service providers and companies, has decided to locate the European centre for its messaging services at TeleCity's Internet datacentre in Amsterdam.
This Means This BCNU be seeing you BTW by the way FWIW for what it's worth FYI for your information IMHO in my humble opinion LOL laughing out loud OBO or best offer ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing ROTFLOL rolling on the floor laughing out loud RTFM read the funny manual TNSTAAFL there's no such thing as a free lunch TTFN ta ta for now TTYL talk to you later
Simply put, if your guy's not getting back to you, continuing to send him messages may make him want to get away faster than you can type TTYL.
You're probably quite familiar with the abbreviations used in recipes (lb, oz, tsp) and cell phone texts (u, LOL, TTYL).
Texting led to the development of a whole new language, based on acronyms - LOL (Laugh Out Loud) OMG (Oh My God) TTYL (Talk To You Later) IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) and ruder ones such as WTF and LMFAO.
The most common abbreviations were the easily understood 2, 4, c and u, while the difficult ones included ttyl (talk to you later), bbs (be back soon), pu (pick up) and cn (seeing you soon).
If you don't know what "SUP" or "TTYL" means in instant-messaging (IM) speak, you will soon.