TTYNTalk to You Never
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Tears as the bland bombshell told reject of the week Lydia: "TTYN!"
She dispatched Jade from the show, declaring: "You're really sweet and you look hot, but TTYN ...
New words for inclusion in the teenglish dictionary include: Bounce - To get going TTYN - Talk to you never Frontin - Someone being fake Ballin - Doing well Caned - Being beaten at something excessively Word - I understand Moded - Humiliation, person is proven wrong in public Jockin - When someone obsesses over you Orly - Oh really (used in online games) KPG - Keep the party going Sprung - Falling in love with someone Tanking - When a person is lying Twitterface - When someone updates their Facebook status in the style of tweets Sharkle - Awesome Frosting - A lot of jewellery Cooching - Chilling out.