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He sees the TTY as "a social and academic tool" which puts Lexington's students on equal footing--with the rest of the world.
Depending on the disability, customers can receive dial operator privileges, directory assistance and call completion exemptions, TTY service discounts, and large print or Braille phone bills.
By simply presenting a library card, anyone can borrow a kit, which includes a TTY, lamp signaler, and instructional video.
JoAnn Radioli, manager, Service to the Aging at the Brooklyn Library, says, "Seniors also want to try a TTY before investing in one.
Call (800) 669-4000 (voice) / 669-6820 (TTY) to reach the field office in your area.
The TTY units, like the standard telephone, come in a variety of features and a variety of price ranges.
At the upper end of the TTY line is a unit that actually prints the conversation.
Install your TTY where staff can easily answer it and, if your policy allows, a place where patrons can make short emergency calls.
Be sure to have your phone carrier add the number to their TTY listings.
"Voice carryover" (VCO) is an option built into some TTY models, or available through most relay systems.
In addition, many major long distance phone companies--including AT&T, MCI and Sprint--provide relay services and may also offer additional benefits, such as discounts on long distance calls for homes with TTY machines.