TUCIThe Urban Child Institute (Memphis, TN)
TUCITulsa Utility Contractor, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)
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Naime ona smatra da su primjerice glagoli biti se, tuci se, udarati se i sl.
1.{S} U izvestaju <pers><persName.full PHI="yes">Bamija K.amenka</persName.full><role>, specijaliste za otorinolaringologiju</role></pers>, <org PHI="yes">centra</org>, iz <top.gr PHI="yes">Kamengrada</top.gr>, na ime <persName.full><persName.full PHI="yes">Vilma Kremenko</persName.full></persName.full>, od <date PHI="yes">09.07.07.</date>, navedeno je sledece:"....{S} Povreden u tuci od strane poznatog lica.
The ratings reflect TUCI's robust risk-adjusted capitalisation and resilient overall earnings.
Despite volatile market conditions, TUCI grew its gross premium revenue by 30 per cent in the first nine months of 2013 and generated strong overall earnings for the period.
While over the longer term the successful execution of TUCI's strategic plans is anticipated to generate positive rating pressure, over the shorter term there are execution risks surrounding the rapid expansion of a new business line.
Upward rating movement could arise if TUCI demonstrates stable profitability and strong risk-adjusted capitalisation while growing its franchise.
A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a fifth man, Alfred Tuci, who failed to appear before the court with his co-defendants.
U jednom drugom slucaju satrovacka rijec sorati u znacenju tuci metatezom, te prefiksom i sufiksom postaje joratisonj, a to u praksi izgleda ovako: sorati metatezom postaje ratiso, a s prefiksom jo i sufiksom nj--joratisonj.