TUCNTechnical University of Cluj Napoca (Romania)
TUCNTrade Union Congress of Nigeria (est. 1943)
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4) was made by SLS metallic powder (Laserform St-100), using the Sinterstation 2000 equipment, at TUCN. The important technological parameters used for manufacturing the part prototype and the tools on the SLS equipment are presented in Table 3.
The punch was measured at TUCN, using the Werth Video Check Ip 250 equipment.
The operation 3, the milling of the triangular pockets of end one (figure 2) and operation 4, the complete milling, respectively drilling and of end 2 of the part were performed on a 3-axes milling machine TM-1 HAAS Toolrom Mill type (TUCN).
Several pairs were manufactured on the SLS system and then measured by an optical Werth Video Check IP 250/400 machine (TUCN), on "green-stage" level and by Zeiss Eclipse CMM550 (TUCN) after the parts were post-processed in the oven.
By the experimental point of view, by using an electronic microscope from TUCN, some estimations were made regarding the porosity in all stages: before infiltration, after infiltration with bronze and after resin impregnation.
Ratiu, C., Linear electro-hydraulic axis with NC adaptive control, PhD Thesis, TUCN, Cluj-Napoca, (1998).