TUCOMTouro University College of Osteopathic Medicine (California)
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The Tucom selected as its pre-candidate Arturo Montiel Rojas, governor of the State of Mexico.
Company (Cocom) and union commitment (Tucom) thus appear to be distinct constructs.
Even with the lukewarm support from TUCOM partisans, Madrazo's bigger problem will be to bring the teachers union (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educacion, SNTE) back into the fold.
In early 2005, TUCOM announced its decision to field a candidate to challenge Madrazo for the nomination (see SourceMex, 2005-02-16).
* Unidad Democratica, also known as Tucom (Todos Unidos Contra Madrazo), is comprised of PRI governors and Senate leader Enrique Jackson.
The faction, informally known as Todos Unidos Contra Madrazo or TUCOM, does not think Madrazo can win the presidential election in July 2006 (see SourceMex, 2005-05-25 and 2005-07-20).