TUHTemple University Hospital
TUHTeachers Union Health
TUHTsukuba University Hospital (Japan)
TUHTokai University Hospital (Japan)
TUHTowards Understanding and Healing
TUHTaekwondo Union Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)
TUHTactical Unit Hamburg (Airsoft games group)
TUHTactical Utility Helicopter
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That's maister, yeah knaw, 'at 's soa up o' going tuh t' grand 'sizes.
Nonetheless, the faculty at TUH are excited about this novel and transformative education approach and will continue to evaluate, modify and change.
In addition to TUH, TUHS is the parent company sole member of Jeanes Hospital (Jeanes), American Oncologic Hospital dba Fox Chase Cancer Center (Fox Chase), Temple Health System Transport Team (Temple Transport), Temple Physicians, Inc.
We retrospectively analyzed results of 38,784 consecutive blood cultures collected from adult patients at Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia (TUH).
Temple University Physicians, a 400-physician (salaried) academic faculty practice plan, whose members are faculty members of the Temple University School of Medicine and affiliated with the Temple University Health System (TUHS), a four-hospital system in Philadelphia, has been moving forward on a number of fronts when it comes to electronic medical record/electronic health record (EMR/EHR) implementation.
Tibbi uygulama hatalari (TUH), saglik hizmetlerini sunan hekim, hemsire ve ilgili yasaya gore hastaya mudahale yetkisi bulunan fizyoterapist, psikolog veya diyetisyen gibi saglik calisaninin; oneri ve/veya uygulamalari sonucu, hastaligin normal seyrinin disina cikarak, iyilesmesinin gecikmesinden hastanin olumune kadar genis bir yelpazedeki kosullarin tamamini icermektedir (1,2).
(55) However, she defines herself clearly with respect to and in the function of her husband already before Eatonville: "Ah wants mah husband tuh be uh great big man...Ah wants tuh uphold yuh in eve'ything." (56) But in Eatonville she takes a more active role in determining family matters; moreover, she decides about her husband's career plans.
Kerl was delighted after being signed up for the book, saying: "Ah man, when Coronet asked uz tuh reet mei book, ah wuz leik blern awey.
McCullough states that the overseer "run an he ketch duh las one by duh foot jis as he was bout tuh fly off" (Georgia Writers' Project 154).
Forst it's the A1 north ganin tuh Scotland, an yee knar, evon though it's the main route fo' aaal the hugh commercial wagons an'' evon though there's been dozens iv people killed, that's aaal reet, them doon sooth seem tuh think wuh aren't worthy iv the road bein duelled like, an'' incredibly, in parts, its still only single traffic.
(9) She wants "fuh it tuh be different wid you," and she thinks that marriage to Logan will secure this "different" fate.