TUHATasmanian Underwater Hockey Association
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A son's spouse is referred to simply as daughter in-law (mengkanak betina), while daughter's spouse, who will move into and contribute to the camp, is referred to as 'head' child in-law (mengkanak tuha).
Figure 1 : Orang Rimba Kinship Terminology moyang (beyond great grand PPP + parents, ancestors) puyang (great grandparents PPP or ancestors) nenek (grandparents) PP nenekjenton (grandfather) nenek betina (grandmother) bepak (father) F induk mother) M ibung (aunt) FZ, MZ mamok (uncle) FB, MB uwak (eldest maternal M eldest B uncle) (youngest pamok maternal uncle) M youngest B dulur (sibling) Sb kakok tuha (eldest sibling) eldest Sb kakok (elder sibling) eSb adik (younger sibling) ySb pupu (cousin) PSbC laki (husband) H bini (wife) W orang besen (both sets of parents of a couple) orang hubanon (spouse's parents) SpF.
(15.) The transitive suffix--i on the stem tuha in (130) is transitivizing the stem rather than nominalizing it as the root can also appear as an intransitive verb without any derivational morphology (otherwise it would be an example of strategy 3.7.3).
Kamate Kiro Kachalewa, a local pastor who is working with displaced people in Tuha Camp, one of the places that has received support from Action by Churches Together (ACT) this past year.
"Kape na ou he tu fatululile nghee tu na okuliamena opo tuha kwatwe komukifi ile nghee tu na okutambula ko onghalo ngeenge twa kwatwa."
The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), along with foreign oil companies, has invested billions of dollars on exploration and production (E & P) activities in three strategic basins (Tarim, Junggar and Tuha) in the region over the past decades.
Still within the bodies of their hosts, the Nayuq and Wook would partake of the blood only symbolically tasted, while the Timang, the Tiger spirits, the spirits of courage, would relish the taste of liver--none more so than the eldest of the dead Timang, Mut Timang Tuha. If spirit familiars were not given to as they had been promised, then not only would they be likely to withdraw their aid on future occasions but serious illnesses might be visited on the ungrateful in order to 'remind' them of their obligations.
Tehase hinnangul oli NSV Liidust tarnitud vaavel ebakvaliteetne tuha, seleeni ja arseeri suure sisalduse tottu ja takistas normaalset tootmisprotsessi.
Moned murgised liigid vabastatakse murkainetest keetmise voi kuuma tuha sisse matmisega, nagu teevad naiteks maoorid.
Among the Bentian, at least, these ancestor skulls are ideally stored by the longan, hence the designation utek tuha longan, "elders' skulls of the longan." Like the ancestral objects referred to above, the ancestor skulls have a protecting role and are anointed with blood during buntang rituals.
The Chinese company TUHA is the drilling contractor.
Martin Kleopas and Tuhas Shikongo are accomplished brewers who have been part of Namibia Breweries for eight and 10 years respectively.