TUIKTürkiye Istatistik Kurumu (Turkey)
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Turkiye Istatistik Kurumu (TUIK) tarafindan gerceklestirilen 2005 yili Ar-Ge Faaliyetleri Arastirmasi sonuclarina gore; Turkiye'de Ar-Ge harcamalarinin Gayri Safi Yurtici Hasila (GSYIH) icindeki payinin %0,79 oldugu tespit edilmistir.
According to TUIK, the southern province of Sanliurfa, in terms of the share of children in the total number of population, is leading among Turkish provinces.
In the year 2016, Turkey has become the first fastest-growing country with a growth rate of 11.7% (TUIK, 2017b) among OECD and EU countries and the second fastest-growing country after China in the world (HDTM, 2013).
The occurrence of Fusarium wilt disease was surveyed at cumin cultivation areas in Central Anatolia region, providing approximately 85% of Turkey's cumin production during 2011 and 2012 (TUIK, 2013).
TUIK on Friday announced results of "Address Based Population Registration System Census".
According to TUIK, 15 percent of vehicles used in February 2019 accounted for Renault, 14.9 percent for Fiat, 11.6 percent for Volkswagen, 4.6 percent for Peugeot, and 6.4 percent for Honda.
[18.] Turkiye Istatistik Kunimu (TUIK) 2009 Yasam Memnuniyet Arastirmasi (Erisim tarihi: 28.06.2010).
During the period, 11,400 real estate properties were sold in Istanbul, 7,600 properties in Ankara, and 4,400 properties in Izmir, according to the TUIK.
Total fishing amount of these highly valuable goatfishes sum up to 4277 tons (TUIK, 2015) in 2013 based on statistics from Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).
May 3: According to Turkish Statistical Institute, TUIK, consumer prices rose 0.6 percent and producer prices increased 2.35 percent in April.
In January 2019, the number of vehicles used in Turkey increased by 66,400 units compared to the same month of 2018, and reached 22.922 million units, Trend reports via Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).