TULCTrade Union Leadership Council (Detroit, MI)
TULCTechnical University of Liberec (Czech Republic)
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We begin by modifying the wage equation 4 to allow changes in TULC to depend on both lagged TULC changes and lagged inflation:
Equation 6 is completely general in allowing any mix of lagged TULC change and lagged inflation to drive the evolution of TULC changes.
Notice that our final TULC change and inflation equations (equations 7 and 9) are completely symmetric, explaining the dependent variable with a set of lagged dependent variables, the change in the trend labor share, the output gap, and supply shocks.
The second and fifth columns then estimate equation 7 for the change in TULC. The biggest differences between the wage equation and the inflation equation are in the summary statistics, with a much better fit for the inflation equations.
In table 4 all the inflation and TULC equations include the change in the trend labor share, as required by equations 7 and 9 above, and this extra term has been entered with the first through the eighth lag.
The middle panel shows the same for the change in TULC, and the bottom panel shows the same for the change in the trend labor share.
For the change in the TULC (the middle panel), the mean error is again modest but the error in the final year is higher, indicating an overprediction of TULC changes at the end of the 1965-80 simulation and a substantial underprediction at the end of the 1995-2005 simulation.
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