TULFTamil United Liberation Front
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The TULF leadership refused and decamped to Madras, leaving the constitutional Tamil constituency unrepresented in parliament.
The assassination (terrorist hand grenade attack) of A Thangathurai TULF MP in Trincomalie town when leaving after a party meeting needs recall.
Ananthy Sasitharan, a Northern Provincial Councilor and also Minister of Women's Affairs, Rehabilitation, Social Services, Cooperatives, Food Supply & Distribution, Industries and Enterprise Promotion and Trade & Commerce, who is being disciplined by the ITAK, is expected to align herself with the TULF in the local government elections.
He said, "I need not tell the people that the TULF founded by Hon.
Taraki also says, "Lest it be forgotten, the TULF itself is the result of the political merger between the FP and the ACTC.
As a result of this the TULF had decided, at the general body meeting and also discussed at the convention of the party held recently, to stake its claim over all the other Tamil political parties to contest all the elections to be held in the future, without going for any alliance with any party, but to form a coalition with all political parties that wish to contest the elections, on a common symbol, a common policy and under one umbrella.
There is no doubt that the TNA was formed by the TULF which Mr.
Anandasangaree, Secretary General TULF at the Annual Convention of the Party held in Jaffna on 7th August.
Of those who contested on the TULF ticket and won in 1977, M/s.
Very soon these leaders realized that they should not break away once again and decided to leave the TULF as their legacy to the Tamil people.
He had also said, "The attempt to portray TULF President Anandasangaree as the villain of the piece is very wrong.