TULSTasmanian University Law Society (Australia)
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Silenced: Gretha Tuls with her beloved bassoon and, inset, in action with the CBSO.
In 1956, DNA used it frequently as a means of communication throughout the District, to announce the arrival of a Patrol Officer, to call in the Luluai and Tul Tuls and so on.
Dave Eva, regional development co-ordinator at TULS, said: ``This is the result of a great deal of work by unions, Merseytravel and TUC staff.
His eventual replacement, Gretha Tuls, a marvellous player, has stayed for less time than it took to find her, moving sideways to the Halle (where they at least know they have a principal conductor - ex-CBSO principal guest conductor Mark Elder - settled there for many years to come), perhaps partly because of acoustic problems being sat directly in front of the CBSO brass.
Particularly outstanding in the orchestral contribution were the bassoon solos of Gretha Tuls, and the beefy basses in the finale.
The extraordinary presentation of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring was a total triumph, from the confident orchestral opening by the CBSO under the clear direction of Ilan Volkov (what fabulous delivery by Gretha Tuls of that notorious high bassoon solo), through the mesmerically controlled movements of dancer Julia Mach, and the brilliant realisation of his own choreography by the concept designer and artistic director Klaus Obermaier.