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TUMBThe Unsinkable Molly Brown (movie)
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The reason ahd been due to the Central Government's irresponsible police against the inhabitants of Salahal-din Province, as well as the measures of margining aimed against them, along with depriving them from the national rights in the political and economic fields, and the Iraqi goernment's non-stopping of the property of lands around the Two Askari Imam's Tumbs in Samarra township," he said.
It is ironic that the last shah seized nearby Abu Musa and the Tumbs in 19 71 on the pretext that islands like these could be seized in a coup de main by "terrorists" to block the flow of Gulf oil.
The potential for diplomatic conflict, at least, was sharply underlined by Iran's effective annexation of the disputed islands of Abu Musa and Tumbs in 1992.