TUMSTTokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (Japan)
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In this fiscal year, the demonstration test will be conducted by using the training ship of TUMST "Shioji Maru", and starting next fiscal year, members are planning a test using a large-size ship in a domestic ferry service.
The project will fully utilize each of the members' technologies and expertise-MOL's technologies, which aim at reduction of the environmental impact and improvement of safe operation, accumulated in its group's technology and development project "Senpaku-Ishin NEXT - MOL SMART SHIP PROJECT -;" the MES-S Group's ship operation control technology, based on an automatic dynamic positioning system of the D/V Chikyu, a riser drilling-equipped science vessel; and TUMST's academic knowledge and viewpoints related to autonomous ship operation.
MES-S, MOL, TUMST, and Akishima Laboratory will contribute to the achievement of safe, reliable ocean transportation through activities including the auto berthing and un-berthing demonstration project and other efforts to promote the development of autonomous sailing vessels.