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TUNELTerminal Uridine Nick-End Labeling
TUNELTerminal Uridine Nucleotide End-Labeling
TUNELTransferase Uridyl Nick End Labeling
TUNELTDT (Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase)-Mediated dUTP (2'-Deoxyuridine 5'-Triphosphate) Nick-End Labeling (biochemistry)
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In El tunel, Castel's impassioned awareness of (and frustration with) this immense disparity between the immaterial nature of thought and the material language with which he is expected to communicate in a modern, civil society, is the driving force which provokes his existential crisis of communication.
El calambre del escritor es considerado una de las distonias ocupacionales mas frecuentes junto con la distonia del musico, al igual que el sindrome de tunel del carpo por parte de los desordenes musculo-esqueleticos.
Analizamos el caso de una paciente con infecciones recurrentes del tunel subcutaneo del cateter a la que se prescribio un tratamiento innovador.
TUNEL assay: In this method, the degree of integration of dutp (Deoxyuridine triphosphate) was analyzed into single-stranded and double stranded DNA during TDT-catalysed reaction by fluorescence microscopy or by more accurate flow cytometry.
The terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL)-based in situ Cell Death Detection Kit, Fluorescein (Roche, Nutley, NJ, USA) was used to detect the apoptosis of the photoreceptor cells in the sections.
TUNEL staining was performed using the In Situ Cell Death Detection Kit (Sigma-Aldrich Corp., St.
(a-d) TUNEL staining was used to observe differences in apoptosis (x200).