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TUNIPTcp and Udp over Nonexistent Ip
TUNIPTunneling over Interpeak
TUNIPTCP and UDP Over Nonexistent Internet Protocol
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In the Middle Kingdom, the toponymn Rtnw described a territory extending northward to the mouth of the Orontes River and including the cities of Alalakh, Qatna, and Tunip, which were home to a significant Hurrian-speaking population.
Loretz's readings and derivations are correct, the treaty AIT 2, between Alalah and Tunip, contains both a West Semitic gloss, up-su-qa, "are cut off" (dual), and a Hurrian gloss, ha-at-ha-ar-ri, "breach," as well as the West Semitic verb form yu-da(-su), "recognized (it)"; see the notes on ll.
As Klengel himself points out (GS, 159), by the end of Thutmosis' reign, the prince of Qids is portrayed beside those of Hatti, Crete, and Tunip, none of whom were under Egyptian control.
This printing error is important, because it may lead to the erroneous assumption that we have here the only unambiguous spelling of Tunip in the Ebla texts (in the presumed Tu-ne-[eb.sup.ki], p.