TUOETType Unit Equipment Detail File
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Authors Animal model Results Koto T et al., C57BL/6 mice Supplementation with EPA prevented 2007 (see [92]) choroidal neovascularization induced after laser photocoagulation Chan et al., Cx3cr1 and Smaller number of retinal 2008 (see [94]) Ccl2-deficient lesions when diet high in mice omega-3 PUFA Tuoet al., Cx3cr1 and Mice that ingested a high omega-3 2009 (see [93]) Ccl2-deficient PUFA diet showed a slower mice progression of retinal lesions compared with the low omega-3 PUFA group Neuringer et al., Macaque monkeys Diets lacking carotenoids and 2010 (see [100]) omega-3 PUFAs developed Renner et al., patches of RPE atrophy 2013 (see [102]) and increased incidence of drusen.