TUOMThe University of Maine
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Vare, tuom nomen, superet modo Mantua nobis, Mantua uae misere nimium uicina Cremonae, cantantes sublime ferent ad sidera cycni.
In the WSF World Challenge in Melbourne, Australia's Anthony Ricketts continued his giant-killing run beating Finland's Olli Tuom in the quarter-final.
The shame associated with lenocinium places him on the defensive, as he asks: quid tu, quae patrem / tuom vocas me atque osculare (What about you who call me your father and kiss me?
Pamphila asks whether Panegyris is unhappy because their husbands "do not cherish their duty, when you carry out yours" (an id doles, soror, quia illi suom officium / non colunt, quom tu tuom facts?