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TURDTimed Universal Rearward Destroyer
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In South Park, Stanley says he's not going to participate in the election: "I think voting is great, but if I have to choose between a douche and a turd, I just don't see the point." His attitude gets him banished from town.
But Derek tells her: "If you want to go around looking like Worzel Gummidge and smell like turd, go ahead."
As it hits the pavement, it is commonly or colloquially known as a "gum turd." This gum turd may retain viruses and bacteria for as long as it is wet.
Stewart's quips about the day's TV clips, though soothing to jaded news junkies at the time, don't hold up as well as the segments that could apply to any election, such as when post-debate spin sends Ed Helms into hysterics, or when candidates trumpeting their humble upbringings prompt Stephen Colbert to declare himself the son of a "turd miner." Such bits are prime examples of the show's strength: comedy that emerges organically from critiques of American politics, which, it turns out, are often quite timeless after all.
Only you see in the picture Duke has this look on his face like someone is holding a small turd under his nose.
So John Waters said that even if he cured cancer, the first line of his obituary will always be that he made Divine eat a dog turd in Pink Flamingos.
I: The Bidoun Sessions (Violent Turd) Thrilling funk-filled mixes by two of the world's most expansive selectors.
There is an architectural book designer's version of James Wines' turd in the plaza, the big 3D artwork dumped in front of a new building to make the latter interesting.
My sibling has never repeated the insulting stunt as a grown-up and I never expected to see one adult do it to another until the Turkish turd did it to David Beckham in Istanbul on Saturday.
The book also reports that along with "Boy Genius," the president has given Rove another nickname: "Turd Blossom," a term common in Texas for a flower that grows out of cowpies.
That, as the editor of my first paper put it, is "turd polishing." (Excuse me.
Similar studies are currently under way at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to assist in the care of patients with pneumonia, congestive heart failure, total hip replacement, hip fracture, total knee replacement, and upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, stroke, TURD, COPD, lumbar laminectomy, and lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage.