TURPETarif d'Utilisation des Réseaux Publics d'Electricité (French: Charge for Use of Public Electricity Grids)
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(9) "Neque vero hoc solum natura, id est jure gentium, sed etiam legibus populorum, quibus in singulis civitatibus respublica continetur, eodem modo constitutum est, ut non liceat sui commodi causa nocere alteriT E, adiante: "Hoc quanquam video propter depravationem consuetudinis neque more turpe haberi neque aut lege sanciri aut jure civilii, tamen natura elege sancitum est.
2 comparatio vel detentio vel divulgatio imaginum pornographicarum minorum infra aetatem quattuordecim annorum quovis modo et quolibet instrumento a clerico turpe patrata.
The Degree of Bachelor of Ar ts in International Accounting Ann-Christin Bravin 1 Yvette Grave 1 Emeric Harbonnier 2(ii) Steffi Kettner 1 Piotr Korgol 2(ii) Anna-Vera Tabea Piendl 1 Josephine Reinhardt 1 Ivonne Turpe 2(i) in International Commerce Annette Bachhofer 2(i) Stephan Bart 1 Wolfgang Fabian Boeck 1 Verena Julia Breuer 1 Margot-Julia Demeter 1 Maria Daniela Ferstl 2(i) Julia Fischer 2(i) Tobias Tim Knaus 1 Alexander Meissner 1 Volker Mueller 1 Inga Schaefer 1 Janina Schaeuble 2(i) in Management Accounting Lio Kaufman Zahra Mazaal 1 Deena Ramesh Patel 2(i) The Diploma of Higher Education in Accounting and Finance Carwyn Lloyd Evans Zarah Rudo Thomas
(29) Luigi Russo observes that 'per un animo di scapestrato come Attilio, l'interessamento di fra Cristoforo a Lucia non puo essere che impuro [...] E in quell'intendo si scopre meglio la turpe e goffa malizia senile del conte' (p.
Nolim, nolim sic vivere, nolim / mi iam verba dari, turpe est me fallier."
It held the potential for turpe lucrum (dishonest gain) through buying cheap and selling dear, so to maintain a 'just price', exchange should be on the basis of equal value.
Sartarelli gets it right in the conclusion where he uses "the lowly" to translate umili, but this is, alas, for the sake of a rather forced rhyme which distorts Saba's final meaning; the poet finds his thought grow not "more holy" but "purer" in the presence both of the meek as well as of what is "meanest" (piu turpe).