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Theoretically, the turt value could be split arbitrarily between the outward and the return trip.
A new report entitled China Colocation 2013 (info: released by DCD Intelligence forecasts that the carrier-neutral colocation market in China will grow at a 40 per cent compound annual growth rate over the coming few years--some 380--per cent by 2016.
A clinical diagnosis of bladder neoplasm was made and the patient booked for a transurethral resection of bladder tumour (TURT).
EPIC journeys by turt les across the south Atlantic have been revealed by satellite tracking.
There are some shrines like Shah Shamas Qadri at Lawrence Road, Dewan Hussain Zanjani and Mai Lado inside Aitchison Hospital at Hospital Road, Miran Hussain Zanjani at Chah Miran, Baba Shah Jamal, Shah Inayat Qadri at Queens Road, Noori Bori, Hanjerwal, Darbar Hazrat Abdullah Saqi Mast Qalandar, Saidpur, Baba Turt Murad and Shah Abdur Razzaq Gillani at Jinnah Garden, Baba Fazl Shah Multan Road, shrine at Masjid Wazir Khan and shrines inside Naqsh School of Arts, Bhatti Gate, Nougazi graves near Taranam cinema and hundreds of Imambargahs inside Mochi Gate, Imamia Colony and Thokar Niaz Beg and shrines at Sanda graveyard.
For instance, the word for star is turti in these three dialects, but turt in the other tongues of Western Kulin, and also in Wathawurrung and Eastern Kulin (Blake and Reid 1998).
That's about the end of the story for Europe this year, although I should mention that the very attractive new specimens of thin, colorless crystals of barite perching precariously on shards of brown siderite from the Turt mine, Romania (see my Munich report in the China Issue) were generally "around." Also I will pass on Ross Lillie's enticing report that there is some new mining, and plans for much wider and more thorough mining, in and around the famous "gold triangle" of Transylvania, source of all the cherished old Romanian gold specimens.
Sears, however, is also treading on supercenter turt, adding more packaged food and consumable offerings to its new Sears Grand concept.
Approximately 70% of patients diagnosed with UCC have superficial tumors (designated Ta or T1) and are treated by transurethral resection of the tumor (TURT).
While the action recalls the bodily leakage and breakdown of the turt le sequence, the "realist," documentary style here consolidates the artifice.