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TURTLETrace Unlimited Rays Through Lumped Elements (computer program)
TURTLETimed UML and RT-LOTOS Environment
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said the Queen, `and take this young lady to see the Mock Turtle, and to hear his history.
They had not gone far before they saw the Mock Turtle in the distance, sitting sad and lonely on a little ledge of rock, and, as they came nearer, Alice could hear him sighing as if his heart would break.
So they went up to the Mock Turtle, who looked at them with large eyes full of tears, but said nothing.
I'll tell it her,' said the Mock Turtle in a deep, hollow tone: `sit down, both of you, and don't speak a word till I've finished.
Once,' said the Mock Turtle at last, with a deep sigh, `I was a real Turtle.
from the Gryphon, and the constant heavy sobbing of the Mock Turtle.
When we were little,' the Mock Turtle went on at last, more calmly, though still sobbing a little now and then, `we went to school in the sea.
I said, Well, if you won't sing, you shan't sleep, any way; and if you fellows had let me alone I would have made him shin out of Galilee quicker than any turtle ever did yet.
We saw several turtle and two boats were then employed in catching them.
But in vain he cried out against the enormity of turtle and champagne that was fit for an archbishop.
When the Manitou is ready and shall say "Come," we will follow the river to the sea, and take our own again' Such, Delawares, is the belief of the children of the Turtle.
I see traces of the turtle soup, and venison, and gold spoon in this.