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TUSDTucson Unified School District
TUSDTorrance Unified School District
TUSDTracy Unified School District (California)
TUSDTehachapi Unified School District (California)
TUSDThermalito Union School District (Oroville, CA)
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When the TUSD governing board complied with the state's anti-ethnic studies HB 2281 in January of this year, purportedly because MAS teaches hate, promotes segregation and the overthrow of the government, the board did not simply eliminate a department, they did not simply ban a curriculum, its books and accompanying teaching materials.
The approved motion required that district staff revise the core social studies curriculum to increase its coverage of Mexican-American history and culture and to provide a balanced view of diverse viewpoints on controversial issues," said TUSD Superintendent John Pedicone in a letter to parents in the district on Jan.
Despite the issuance of a federal desegregation order in 1978, the social and education conditions for Chicanos in TUSD changed very little.
In my capacity as Director and Professor of Africana Studies, I was involved in several programs in the late 1990s and over the past decade organized by Mexican American Studies and the African American Studies Department at TUSD especially in discussing issues of Indigenous cultures, the experiences of enslavement of African people, and the manners in which black and Latinos had so much more in common than both communities realized.
TUSD is the largest district in southern Arizona, serving 60,525 students in an approximately 227 square mile area.
4) As evidenced in interviews with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, NPR's Allison Keyes, and the ABC Tucson affiliate's April Madison, Horne determined that TUSD was in violation of the new law before it even went into effect.
They have never gone to TUSD and done their own assessment.
Implement a Community in Schools Model in DAEP and create a model for alternative to suspension programs in partnership with TUSD 5.