TUSEVTürkiye Üçüncü Sektör Vakfi (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey)
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Zeynep Alemdar ve Rana Birden, "Avrupa Birligi Surecinde Turkiye'de Sivil Toplum: Organizasyon Duzeyine Etkiler", CIVICUS Sivil Toplum Endeksi Turkiye Ulke Raporu, TUSEV Yayinlari, 2009.
TUSEV reported, for example, that "the rise in support networks and funds (especially from the European Union) is also creating more opportunities for grassroots organizations and increasing the involvement of women, minorities and the poor".
The European Movement International (EMI) organized Istanbul Congress on "Civil Society Organizations challenge public authorities: From political commitment to active dialogue" in partnership with Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV).