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TUSSTaxi Users' Subsidy Scheme (Australia)
TUSSTuberculosis Ultraviolet Shelter Study (clincial study)
TUSSTriangle Universities Security Seminar (Duke University; Durham, NC)
TUSSTrainer Unique Sub System Units
TUSSThe Ultimate Spur Set (horseback riding)
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When Tuss tried to ask him questions - "Brother, who are you?
"I have to say that I share the frustration after these many months of searching, we still haven't located the aircraft," Tuss said.
"We had to guess which areas would be true riparian habitat and which would have more upland characteristics," Tuss says.
"If you look at the portfolio of current projects that we have in our loan department, we have anywhere from 65 to 80 active companies that are using financing from Bear Paw Development to meet their business growth needs," Tuss says.
ECLAC has recently released a study on the hours of unpaid work performed at home by men and women, as reported by the TUSs from various countries.
Moreover, cross-cultural studies have found that different cultures place different emphases on interpreting academic achievements in terms of such factors as ability or effort (Salili, Chiu, & Hong, 2001; Skaalvik, 1994; Tuss et al., 1995; Yan & Gaier, 1994).
The waxwork of Amy Winehouse is unveiled at Madame Tuss auds in London.
1951 DeOrmond "Tuss" McLaughry, Westminster, Amherst, Brown, Dartmouth
In turn, this situation has affected academic (i.e., research-based) and consulting (i.e., cultural resource management) archaeology, which have had to respond to changes in the provincial Heritage Conservation Act (HCA) and to the implementation of archaeological overview assessments (AOAS) and traditional-use studies (TUSS).
They note that any product with "DM" or "tuss" in its name contains DXM.